A worthy budget competition for Razer and Logitech?

Review by Rounak Roy


Micro Star International or MSI is redefining its approach for gamers by launching a mouse that's aimed at the people looking for both quality and quantity at a budget price. There are many budget range mice like the Logitech G102 (One of the most famous), The Razer DA Essential and now the newer entry the MSI Clutch GM11.  With one of the most used budget sensor let's see how the GM11 performs.


The Clutch GM11 is an ambidextrous mouse meaning both right and left handed users will feel comfortable using it but the side buttons are on the left side meaning that it will be a tad bit difficult for the left handed users. On the design front the mouse is made up of a semi glossy plastic on the top and right side, on the left side the plastic has a more rougher texture for providing a tighter grip while pressing the buttons.

The side buttons are placed in a comfortable position so you don't have to extend your fingers quite a bit to press them. There is also a DPI shift button on the top that is recessed into the body along with the standard right, left clickers and scroll wheel. 

MSI added a whole lot of RGB and made sure you see their logo at every angle. The MSI logo on the top is rgb lit along with a light bar that runs along the bottom part of the mouse. The RGB can be controlled with the MSI software or via onboard controls. The DPI can be set via the MSI software or we can just press the DPI shift button to go to preset DPI range 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 5000 dpi. The Dragon Centre software is pretty heavy and needs multiple restarts to install a bunch of MSI addon modules.

On the bottom the mouse has "another big msi logo" along with the sensor lens, some mouse skates that don't look like PTFE to me but are decent enough. The mouse weighs in at 89grams and doesn't fall in the lightweight category.


The mouse comes with a PMW3325 sensor which can go upto 5000dpi starting from 100dpi with increments of 100. The switches are Omron 10M rated clickers that are decently crisp and are virtually have no visible lag to the normal eye. Compared to my G102 which also has Omron 10M switches the one's in MSI felt much better.  One thing I noticed is that the scroll tensioning is different when you scroll up and down.
For ease of our readers I have added the detailed specifications below:


Having used the G102 for nearly 3 years I can say that the MSI mouse is much better both in terms of feel and looks. It doesn't have the same old boring shape of a basic mouse. I specially liked the mouse's smooth tracking and crisp and well defined clicks. The sensor doesn't have any rattle and the lift off distance as measured was two CD's.
Now some things that I didn't like were the overly pushed branding of MSI, I get it that you want to show your logo on the mouse but please don't make it so big that it looks bad, also their software is missing some features one of them being the ability to set custom macros like I always pre fix my DPI to 1600 and change my DPI shifter to 'K', the side buttons from top to bottom as 4 and Space. Still this is quite a decent mouse and people will surely like it for its feature and price point. 

From my side I will rate it a good 8/10 subtracting 2 points for the big logo on top which looks kinda awkward and the missing custom macro function.

About MSI

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