Rest In Peace Crucial Ballistix. Lineup reaches EOL after new announcement from Parent Micron

By Rounak Roy

February 18th, 2022 1:10PM IST

Crucial Parent Micron discontinues the Ballistix Lineup in a new announcement

Is this the end for Crucial DIMMS?

Through a press release today, Micron announced that it has decided to realign its business policies for Crucial's consumer memory products. So, Micron has decided to discontinue its Ballistix, Ballistix Max, and Ballistix Max RGB DIMMS. 

It's still not clear as to what made Micron to take this drastic step to abandon their only enthusiast-class memory sticks . However, the company stated that they "will intensify its focus on the development of Micron's DDR5 client and server product roadmap, along with the expansion of the Crucial memory and storage product portfolio."

The Ballistix memory series dates back to the DDR days, was the only enthusiast gaming memory that Crucial had in its lineup. Micron's latest move explains why we never saw a DDR5 ram from Crucial. However, Crucial does sell standard JEDEC DDR5 memory to OEMs, and we hope they will continue to do so. Those sticks come as standard DIMMs with a PCB and ICs without any extra bells and whistles.

It's important to note here that this change will only affect Crucial's performance memory lineup. Micron has reiterated its commitment to continue to support the storage needs with the likes of the Crucial P5 Plus, P2 and portable SSDs, including the Crucial X6 and Crucial X8.

"We remain focused on growing our NVMe and Portable SSD product categories, which both offer storage solutions for PC and console gamers. Additionally, Crucial JEDEC standard DDR5 memory provides mainstream gamers with DDR5-enabled computers with better high-speed performance, data transfers, and bandwidth than previously available with Crucial Ballistix memory," said Teresa Kelley, Vice President and General Manager of the Micron Commercial Products Group.