Intel Leak Confirms Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs In Q3 2023

By Team Tech Reprise

December 09th, 2022 03:00PM IST

Intel's 13th Gen CPU's were and still are a great success, but this isn't the end for the boys in blue? According to one of the latest leak, it looks like the blue team will release a refresh of the 13th Gen in Mid 2023. The data from a regular leakster HXL (@9550pro on Twitter) which also includes information about HEDT platforms and processors as well as Intel's soon-to-be-released 6 GHz speed barrier breaking CPU.

The leaked roadmap does not reveal any particulars like specifications or improvements of the Refresh lineup of processors over existing Raptor Lake CPUs, but typically refreshes add in the increased clock speeds and sometimes do feature some minor improvements like better power management or tweaked turbo boost algorithms to get a higher speed. The document also does not say whether Intel's 34-core Raptor Lake-S (RPLS-34C) is a part of the Raptor Lake Refresh family but it looks like that it would be reserved for workstation builds.

Intel's Raptor Lake-S Refresh will work on Z790, W680, Q670, and various 700-series chipsets. However, we do not have information on whether they will be compatible out of the box or if a new bios will be pushed specially for the 6xx generation motherboards.