The Dual Tower Zero White Cooler that keeps your PC cool like a blizzard..

Reviewed by Rounak Roy


Deepcool is a pretty well-known company who is one of the leaders in the PC cooling marketplace. They were formed in 1996 and have been on the forefront of delivering affordable yet pretty competitive cooling solutions that can rival even the heavy weight cooling solutions out there. The company focuses mainly on cooling products and cases but in recent years they have ventured in other markets like Peripherals, power supplies with well-known OEM’s like Seasonic, CWT etc. In today’s review we will take a look at the Deepcool AK620 White edition (which I fondly call the Snow White Edition) which was sent over by Deepcool for this review.


The cooler comes in a cardboard box adorned with a white envelope that has all the important details a person would need to know before purchasing. While other companies go for a colourful packaging DeepCool went for a much simpler yet powerful packaging. 

The front of the box has the product image and model. The back of the box houses all the specifications and certification labels. Both the left side and right side are blank with the Cyan Blue-green DeepCool branding.

The foam packaging used for the cooler is of high quality and provides ample protection in transit. The mounting hardware and all accessories are placed in a small cardboard box on the side. Inside the box you will find the Manual, Mounting hardware and screws for AMD and Intel, 1x Y Splitter, one 90 degree bent Philips  head screwdriver and a tube of 1g High performance thermal paste.


The Deepcool AK620 is a dual tower air cooler that features the all new FK120 fans that we reviewed before and six copper heat pipes. Like some other CPU coolers that feature blazing RGB lights Deepcool went with a simple plain Non-RGB White colour. The AK 620 also comes in all black colour and a black and silver colour. The cooler has a height of 160mm and a weight of 1456g making it a big chonky boi. 

The heatsink used with the AK620 is made up of powder coated Aluminium and has a total of 49 fins locked with each other so that they don’t bend under pressure. The heatsink comes preloaded with 2 120mm fans and has provision for another fan on the back (Separate Purchase for fan and bracket). The fins nearing the bottom have cut out for tall memory clearance. 

The six-powder coated heat pipes converge down onto the nickel-plated copper vapor chamber baseplate. The top of the heatsinks have a faceplate with a dotted (no not that sort of) design with the cyan green Deepcool logo. The fans as stated previously are the same AK620 whites that I reviewed in Black colour before (



The following system was used for testing:

Software I used was the AIDA64 Extreme CPU+Cache stress test with Ambient hovering between 25C and 26C. The test was run for a total of 30 Minutes. In the test we can see that the AK620 scores better than the Castle 240 EX A-RGB and much much better than the puny stock Wraith Cooler.


The Deepcool AK620 is a good CPU cooler and from the performance observed by me I can say that as per the price to performance ratio it blows many known brand coolers out of the water. Although it has some shortcomings like the ram clearance is a tad bit less because of a smaller footprint and the cooler is a bit heavy at nearly 1.5 Kilograms. Also, I would have liked some extra mounting clips in the package so that users get the flexibility to add the 3rd fan whenever they want. 

The installation was as easy as it can get, just slap on the backplate (except AM4 users have to use the stock motherboard backplate) and tighten the screws and you are done.

Keeping in mind the price and performance I can ignore the small shortcomings and will rate the cooler as a worthy holder of the Tech Reprise Gold badge with a rating of 9/10.


Established in 1996, DeepCool is a global brand in designing and manufacturing high-performance computer components for enthusiasts worldwide that includes CPU coolers, PC cases, Power Supplies, Peripherals, and more. With a strong background in independent research and development, DeepCool continues to provide high-quality products, premium customer service, and incredible value to our dedicated customers.