The Perfect Software Supported ARGB Controller Out There

Review by Rounak Roy

Control all your internal ARGB components through Cooler Master MasterPlus+ Software with the all new Cooler Master ARGB Controller


What is the first thing that comes to mind when building a PC? Is it how good the PC is or how good it performs? Its mostly none of the above for the most part, rather it's RGB. The RGB craze is still strongly dominant in the PC showcase, it is showing no signs of slowing down. While most motherboards come with their proprietary software and RGB header all of them lack one thing - "Customizability".

Cooler Master while a pretty well known name in the cooling division as their name implies have a plethora of RGB components under their hood and to control those RGB components have updated their RGB controller to the Gen2 or A1 version. 


My Cooler Master controller was an OEM/Bundled unit so I don't have the retail packaging info with me but apart from packaging all of the rest should be the same. 

The Cooler Master A1 ARGB controller is an internal component with 3 ARGB slots/headers. The controller is thin and sleek and comes with magnetic mounting points on its back so it can be pushed behind the motherboard to keep it hidden. With the logo facing front and the led facing down the left side of the controller has 3 ARGB output headers each supporting 80 individual LED's and the right side has a sata power connector along with the micro usb port used for supplying data through the internal header. The controller will also work if you use any regular USB A to Micro Usb data cable (not charging only cable) and plug into a spare usb port. If we compare it to a similar priced Razer Chroma ARGB controller the Cooler Master has some good features the best one being having onboard memory support which lacks on the Chroma, every time you switch on the Chroma Synapse needs to run in the background whereas for Cooler Master just switch on the software and apply the settings and controller will remember those for eternity just like a friend in need.



Cooler Master has its own customization software called MasterPlus+, the software has support for the A1 RGB controller. The software is around 320Mb in size and comes with plethora of preset colours and has the option of a custom mode where you can set the colours manually for each led. Upon opening the software you have to select the RGB devices make and model (Cooler Master models are pre-configured) and for other devices the no of led's or let the software count it. Then you are greeted with the argb section where you can configure the per led colour, brightness, switch modes etc.  There is a separate profiles section where you can create custom colour profiles and switch them on the go.
To be honest the software has come a long way from its early days where it used to bug out but now the user experience is smooth and stable.


You really cannot go wrong with this controller, especially if you are a hardcore RGB fan like myself. It comes with a affordable price tag ($40). I personally was looking forward at replacing the stock RGB of my motherboard with something more proper and stable. The A1 Controller is much better than your run-of-the-mill LED controllers which cost similar and won't offer the same experience. I highly recommend the investment if you can swing it, especially for something that will last for your lifetime as controllers rarely die.
Keeping in mind the price and software support I will rate the cooler as a worthy holder of the Tech Reprise Gold badge with a rating of 9/10 for Price and 10/10 for performance. Rarely does one get a 10/10 performace in our reviews but the Cooler Master controller hit the Home Run today.


"The simple desire to make something better is exactly why Cooler Master is the standard in thermal innovation today. The aspiration to provide better cooling was a matter of personal preference, inspired by the freedom and enjoyment in building and creating something new. Now, our strategic partners like NVIDIA and AMD, our loyal community of gamers and PC enthusiasts, all rely on Cooler Master to strive for thermal excellence. That’s the result of simply wanting improved functionality and wanting to tailor something to fit our personal preference. That’s how innovation starts".