A USB Drive that performs just as good as it looks

Review by Rounak Roy


Kingston a well-known name in the memory and storage market had launched a new USB drive named EXODIA. This is supposed to be a replacement for the Data Traveller G4 line-up of Usb drives. The drives come in 4 flavours with a coloured loop defining its storage size. 

White- 32Gb

Teal-    64Gb

Yellow- 128Gb

Pink-      256Gb

32Gb and 64Gb variant


The drives are pretty affordable with their pricing set at ₹499, ₹799, ₹1399, ₹3999 for the 32, 64, 128, 256 Gb respectively but usually its available for a bit less with various retailers.


The drive is pretty robust and has a pop out cap that can be attached to the back loop so that you won’t lose it. The drive boasts speeds that are in spec with USB 3.2 Gen1.

We tested the drives (the 32 and 64gb) with a 1gb load and it scored pretty decent at a whopping ~200MB/s for the read and ~60MB/s for the writes. While it is not the fastest USB flash drive out there in terms of write speed its still pretty decent and at least its robust than other similar priced alternatives.

Speed Test