NVIDIA Corporation hit by major Cyberattack amidst the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

By Rounak Roy

February 26th, 2022 3:30PM IST

NVIDIA Servers Compromised in major Cyberattack as per reports by The Telegraph UK

Cyberattack targeting NVIDIA completely compromises parts of its operations, company states that the cyberattack is cuurently under investigation

In their exclusive report, The Telegraph reported that a cyberattack was initiated on Nvidia at the same the Russian Cyber Warfare Division started their cyber attacks against ukraine. This comes after all major NATO allies have imposed major sanctions on Russia and this maybe the underlying reason behind this attack on companies like NVIDIA.
[UPDATE]: Nvidia has confirmed that the  cyberattack had no relation to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

An Nvidia spokesman said: “We are investigating an incident. We don’t have any additional information to share at this time."
Via The Telegraph

The report further states that the cyberattack has compromised many parts of NVIDIA's systems and there are already reports from many users regarding service disruption. The scale of the attack is currently unknown but as per preliminary speculations it seems to be a major one as NVIDIA has taken many systems offline to stop the intrusion before it spreads any further.

“The ultimate concern is that somebody may have put something in one of the software updates,” Dr Woodward said, pointing to the devastating SolarWinds hack that exploited American software companies to gain access to US government computer systems.

“They’ll be going through trying to make sure to see if there's any indication that anything has been changed in their software that they then shipped to their clients.”

Via The Telegraph

NVIDIA's mail servers were also partially operational during this time so it's entirely likely that there might have been a breach in confidential documents. But it is not confirmed yet if any data was stolen. Another major concern is that NVIDIA will have to make sure that any software that they have provided to end users is free from any Virus or Malware or any hidden malicious code that may wreck havok.