LHR BIOS v2 Unlocker Tool is a virus.........

So it was a Hoax after all!!!


The refreshed m-ITX king has launched worldwide.

The case we all have been waiting for.

Ryzen 4000 Renoir-X CPUs to tackle Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake non-K Lineup

The 6500XT may not launch at MSRP after all as per preliminary reports.

Xiaomi India Allegedly Dodged Customs Duty in India

Ant Esports launched their brand new lineup of SSD's named the 690 Neo at a Press Conference in New Delhi today.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D, Zen 4 Raphael and AMD 6000 Series APU announced today at CES 2022.

AMD Ryzen 6000H APU's and Ryzen 5800X3D today at CES 2022.

AMD Ryzen 6000H APU's codename Rembrandt will be unveiled on January 4th at CES 2022.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra Flaunts its Angles in This Press Render.