How to turn off Google Chrome Overlapping webpage issue on Android

By Rounak Roy

March 31st, 2024 12:30AM IST

What is this issue we are talking about?

After some recent updates to Chrome on Android many people are facing issues with webpages overlapping their content over itself. This is pretty infuriating especially when you are in a hurry and all you see on your phone is garbled up webpages. 

The issue looks like these screenshots >>>

The Fix

Fortunately the fix is easy and can be done in a few clicks and is easily reversible. First of all open chrome, then go the taskbar or address bar as we call it and type chrome://flags search for GPU Rasterization and turn it off. This fix works for most web browsers based upon the Chromium Engine.
Voila, your webpages will now function properly and you won't have to look at garbled up webpages anymore.
In the screenshot you will also see another setting that I disabled called Organic Repeatable Queries, what it does is remove those pesky search queries from your homepage.