How to turn off Windows Update via Group Policy Editor Permanently (Windows Pro Only)

By Rounak Roy

September 4th, 2023 5:00PM IST

Disable Windows Update From Group Policy Editor for Windows 10 Pro

The group policy editor function in Windows 10 Pro provides several options for permanently disabling automatic updates. Users can also set various Windows Update rules to control when all updates are installed on the PC.

Why go to such an extent to Disable Check for Windows Updates?

Disabling Check for Windows Updates might assist improve the efficiency of your computer and prevent interruptions during vital tasks. When enabled, Windows Updates can operate in the background, consuming vital system resources and potentially slowing down your computer's performance or worse consume your Internet MB's in case of a limited data plan.
Furthermore, Windows Updates may occasionally cause system conflicts or malfunctions, which may result in problems with software performance, connectivity, or data loss. You can avoid these circumstances by stopping automatic updates and maintaining control over when and how Windows Updates are installed on your computer.
While keeping your operating system up to date is critical for security and performance, manually checking for updates on a regular basis will help you stay in charge of the update process and guarantee that your system remains safe and secure.