A headphone that lets you frag with pinpoint accuracy and makes music sound like you are in an orchestra

Review by Rounak Roy


How do you step up your online gaming skills without investing a lot of money into a high end headset? Ant Esports a budget friendly brands who makes peripherals at a budget range hopes to have cracked the budget headphone niche by launching the Ant Esports H1150 Pro, a wired, no-nonsense headphone that costs just under ₹2499 or $30 . You don’t get the 7.1 surround sound but you will get a good quality headphone with a decent microphone that just sounds awesome. 


Being synonymous with the Ant Esports Crystal series the headphone sports shiny mirror finished earcup surface but wait there’s more. When you plug in the supplied USB end to a spare usb you are greeted with a RGB wave that goes in a circle showing rainbow spectrum. The colour was not overly blinding but was just the right amount. The headphone body is made of plastic weighing in at 350g with foam earcups. The headphone band is made up of two metal strips which give the rigidity to the headphones and a foam inserted leatherette elastic headrest.

Inside the headphone is a 40mm driver on either side with a 32Ohm Impedance with a 20Hz-20KHz frequency response. The headphone comes with 2 meter cable which terminates into two 3.5mm jacks and one usb jack to power the led lights. 

The Full Specs are as follows:


Using the headset couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is plug it in and get to playing. Your desktop needs to have separate audio and mic inputs, with combined audio jacks you’ll need to use a 2 to 1 trss convertor for full functionality. The flexible mic is very forgiving in terms of placement. For optimal voice quality, place the diaphragm parallel to your mouth. If you’re wanting to connect this headset to a PC, you’ll also be able to take advantage of Window's Sonic surround sound as this doesn't come with any surround sound capabilities.

The lightweight material the headphone comfortable with glasses. The foam leatherette ear pads contribute to great comfort and sound isolation. Unfortunately, the ear pads aren’t user-replaceable but a one year warranty should cover it hopefully.

I have attached my personal tuning of the headphone I used for my PC with the Realtek Audio Console.  


Now finally, does the Ant Esports H11150 Pro make a good long lasting impression at its price offering?

Well, I would say it does. It’s a pretty good headphone and having played some games like Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, PUBG Battlegrounds, COD Warzone. These sorts of games need just not the raw performance of a PC but also the comfort as well and as per my findings the H1150 Pro excels in both departments. So, if you are a gamer who likes to play tons of games without head or ear pain then the H11150 Pro is a pretty good choice for you. 

After using this headphone for over 2 weeks and using it in multiple games I can say that this is a pretty good headphone. It may not be a top of the line headphone but the sound and features are spot on. Be it the tunes drivers or the soft earcups. We at Tech Reprise will rate this headphone a solid 9/10.


Founded in 2016, Ant Esports has grown from pioneering the gaming chair division into one of the India's leading providers of high-performance, budget oriented PC peripherals and components. Ant Esports offers a complete range of products to equip gamers, enthusiasts and e-sports athletes, including mechanical keyboards, precision gaming mice and headsets, high-performance components that gamers use to build their gaming cum streaming setup. With a company-wide commitment to quality, innovative design, advanced features and high performance, Ant Esports products have won thousands of media and industry awards, earning their place in gamers' hands and PCs following years of development and engineering by a team dedicated to building great products they themselves would want to use.