The Fans that keep your PC cool as FK...

Review by Rounak Roy


Deepcool has been delivering some impressive and interesting cooling solutions as of late and the company’s newest product is the Deepcool FK120 PWM fan. This is the same fan that comes bundled with the AK620 Dual tower CPU cooler which has been receiving praise from many tech reviewers including Tom’s Hardware, Anandtech, Gamer’s Nexus etc. The minimal design language of the fans and presence of no RGB makes it stand out from the rest. It is a no-frills slap on and forget fan which is not only minimalistic but also a massive overhaul from regular non RGB or rather RGB fans from many brands.


If you are familiar with Deepcool fans then you will notice that these fans are bit different than their other fans in the market. Main standing point is the aesthetically pleasing square frame and the minimalistic design code all around the fan. The fan in its current iteration adopts an all-black appearance with a nine-blade impeller on a perfect square frame. The fan is rated for 1850 RPM with 68.99 CFM. There are rubber inserts on all four corners that help to reduce vibrations during operation. The fan draws around 0.12A on paper.

The fan has a single PWM cable that runs all operations of the fan. The cable is around 30cms long which is a bit shorter for full tower cases.


The Single fan pack comes packed in a white cardboard box with the image of the product on the front and the fan specs on the back. Inside the pack we have the fan and a set of 4 self-tapping screws for mounting the fan to your case, however if you get the 3-fan pack you will get an additional component which is a 1 to 4 PWM splitter.
The single packs are priced at around ₹800 or $10.49 and the 3 fan plus splitter value pack is priced around ₹2500 or $32.99.


I have tested the fans on my system where I have a Ryzen 3500 Overclocked to 4.0ghz. 

I have compared the temps while using my trusty Deepcool Castle 240 EX A-RGB All in One Liquid Cooler. The results that I have found are quite satisfactory both from a performance and acoustics standpoint. 

First of all, I would like to point out that Deepcool after revamping its lineup have worked a lot on QC and their new generation of products speak for themselves. The fans run at their rated RPM which is around 1850-1900 and are quite quiet. I measured them with my friend's decibel meter and it was around 28-29dBa for the one's on the AIO.
The FK120 in my system worked wonders. From lowering my load temps by around 4C and also at the same time decreasing the noise produced by the stock AIO fans by quite a lot. 


Overall, I am satisfied with the performance they provide at the same time it kind of boosts the looks of the PC mainly because of its minimalistic design. The fans themselves are high static pressure fans and so they are ideal for applying on heatsinks or radiators. They will also work well as intake fans for your PC. It’s good for building a homogeneous looking system too thanks to its performance as not many fans in this segment work well on both cases and rads so it’s a good budget alternative for those who cannot go the Noctua way for either preferences or looks.

After testing this fan for some time I can safely and surely say that these fans are one of the best Non RGB fans out there and the person buying these won’t be disappointed.

We at TechReprise will rate this fan a solid 9/10 and will recommend this to anyone looking for good fans at a pocket friendly price.