This is What Winning Sounds Like : Corsair HS65 Wireless Review

Reviewed by Rounak Roy


Corsair a reputed brand in the PC market place launched their Corsair HS65 Surround Wired edition in mid of 2022. Seeing the massive success of the Wired version Corsair decided to cut off the wires and bring in the brand-new HS 65 Wireless which carries over the same familiar sound and the super silent mic and by super silent I don’t mean that it doesn’t work rather the noise cancellation is so good that you won’t need any additional software like RTX Voice or AMD Noise Suppression. The wired version was launched at around $79.99 and the wireless for around $119.99. The jump in price comes with the Corsair Guarantee of low latency sound transfer via a USB 2.4Ghz Receiver and an inbuilt Bluetooth chipset with the added bonus of not having wires dangling around. The Dolby Surround function, Equalizer and Sound-ID personalization carries over from the wired version which can be customized via their iCue 5 software.
The retail package comes with the main headset, a USB 2.4Ghz Receiver, a USB Type C to A cable


The HS65 Wireless looks exactly like its wired counterpart and carries over the same design elements. The majority of the earcups are made up of good quality ABS plastic with a smooth and matte feel to it, both the earcups feature a metallic grille with the new Corsair triangular design element with embossed Corsair logo. The headband and earcup links are made up of machined aluminium which feels quite rigid and feels good to see that Corsair has made the weakest point that is the headband and earcup links with a strong material.

The reverse Y shaped earcup holders offer both horizontal and swivel movements and can also make the headphone completely flat so that you can wear it comfortably around your neck. Both the earcups and the headbands are padded with memory foam and have a leatherette finish to them. It should provide ample comfort along with good noise isolation from ambient noises.

The side of the earcups have the buttons to operate the headphone. The Right earcup has a power on button along with the Bluetooth/Wireless cycle button. The Left earcup has a microphone mute switch along with a volume scroller and the USB Type C charging plus connection port. 

Now coming to the internals, the headset comes with 50mm Neodymium Drivers that offer precise, high-fidelity audio with Dolby surround technology. The microphone on the HS65 Wireless provides wide dynamic range and superb clarity, with a flip-to-mute function. This means that your voice sounds clearer, more accurate, and more natural when communicating with your friends and teammates. The inbuilt battery has a quick charge function and gives up to 6 hours of gaming and up to 24 hours battery life with a full charge. There is also SonarWorks SoundID technology for personalized sound control that tailors your headset settings to your personal audio tastes on PC and Mac.



The sound quality of the Corsair HS65 Wireless is one area where it excels. The HS65 Wireless, like the wired counterpart, has a good default sound signature that expertly blends bass, treble to give a sound output that has all the things you need but at the same time it doesn’t overdo the eardrum killer bass like some other headphones out there. 

If you want to get even more out of your Corsair HS65 headset, you can download the iCue 5 app on your PC or Mac. Here, you'll find most of the usual stuff you'd expect to tweak, like EQ settings, firmware upgrades, battery life, and more.
The SoundID personalization is the most prominent feature, which customizes the audio experience according to the user's preferences. To activate this feature, a brief “test” is required. This involves selecting audio from a range of royalty-free music ranging from standard guitar riffs to bass-heavy tracks. Once you have given the desired input, a sample will be played. The user will then have the option to select between an "A" and "B" version whichever sounds better to the user.
You can also turn on Nvidia Broadcast for your microphone, and you can set it to automatically cancel out noise and room noise to make sure your communicators are clear, even if you're facing a noisy fan although that’s not needed in my opinion. 

Microphone Sample

Corsair HS65 Wireless

Blue Yeti 

Different Sections of the iCue Software


Due to some compatibility issues with SoundID on my PC, I decided to go with the default Dolby Audio surround sound experience. During my extensive testing of the HS65 Wireless, I found it to be well-suited for Esports titles such as Apex Legends and CS2 beta, as well as Valorant. After numerous extended sessions, I can confidently report that the audio quality is satisfactory. The surround sound provided by the HS65 Wireless enabled me to accurately locate enemies' positions with greater precision than with a Stereo headphone.
The comfort level of the headphone is spot on, the earcups hug your ears and make sure that they don't pain after long gaming sessions or that sound from outside or inside don't come in or go out.


Corsair HS65 Wireless is an excellent gaming headset that offers a reliable surround sound sound experience on both PC and Mac platforms, and 3D Audio support for PS5. It is equipped with a range of features that allow users to enjoy their games both wireless and over Bluetooth. Additionally, the headset is battery-powered, allowing users to play and listen to music or movies throughout the day. One of the most notable features of the headset is SoundID, which provides a personalized sound signature tailored to the user's preferences.
Keeping in mind all these points I will rate the headphone a solid 8.5/10 which makes it eligible for our TechReprise Gold badge.



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