A small but effective USB 7.1 HD Surround Soundcard

Review by Rounak Roy


Chances are that you have a PC whose sound has gone wonky or you are bored with the same old monotonous sound from your headphones. 

Ant Esports a well known PC Peripherals maker from india has listened to the woes of their customers and have launched the ANT ESPORTS 7.1 SURROUND USB SOUND ADAPTER to battle the cause.

Box Contents


Priced at just ₹699 it is a perfect addition to those PC’s who have lost the ability to speak to their owners or those who output incomprehensible audio.


The design is slim and compact for a 7.1 USB Audio card. It moves away from the same old Thumb drive look of the budget offerings and moves into a segment where its both affordable and good looking.

On top is a USB 2.0 Connector which leads to a flat style wiring ending at the main unit.

The main unit has Individual Headphone and Mic Mute buttons so that you can instantly stop the mic from broadcasting or mute your headphones to listen to your parents shouting to shut down the PC.

There is a Volume Slider or rather a control knob and 3x 3.5mm jacks which are colour coded.

All ports and control schematics


Initial setup was easy and its really Plug and Play as advertised. Just plug into a spare USB 2.0+ Port and it will be Automatically Detected as a USB PnP Audio Interface. After that to setup Surround sound you need to go to Sound settings and select Virtual Surround from speaker settings. All Pics have been attached for reference.

Setup Guide


To be Honest I have used many Generic  sound adapters in the past and I thought the ANT Esports will be no different from them but I was proven wrong. The most notiecable thing is that the Ant Esports sound card had no hissing or static interference which all the Generic adapters had. Microphone Audio was Crisp and clear. The Headphone used was a Ant Esports H520W WoW Edition.

In the end it is a well build and heavy duty sound card which has good quality audio at the price at which it is offered. 

I am not an audiophile so I can’t review on that level but from my perspective this is a decent buy and will satisfy and meet your needs.

I will give it a solid 9/10 Rating and will recommend it to others.