INFINITY: Is this the perfect TWS ?

Review by Rounak Roy


Hi everyone, first of all we will like to wish all our readers a very Happy New Year, I hope that all your new year wishes come true. Happy 2022…

As we all know Ant Esports is a pretty well-known brand specializing in many types of products related to PC, some days back they launched a True Wireless Earphone named INFINITY for the mobile users. The earphone boasts some awesome features that we will discuss further ahead. 

Mr. Amit Putatunda National Product Manager Ant Esports said in the press release that “Being a gaming centric brand, we wanted to cater to the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry in India with the same philosophy that drives Ant Esports, quality products at affordable pricing. The Infinity TWS is the first of many steps in that direction and also marks the evolution of Ant Esports as a comprehensive gaming brand”.

Thanks to Ant Esports for providing the review sample. This review is not sponsored by them and all views are my own.


The Ant Esports Infinity has launched at an Introductory pricing of ₹1999. It is available for immediate purchase with various retailers around India including the official Ant Esports Website and Amazon India.


Using their prior experience in the gaming industry Ant Esports made sure that the INFINITY is perfect and up to date with the latest phones in the market. The TWS features Ultra low 100ms low-latency connection with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which pairs with your phone in a jiffy. 

The earbuds come with 2 extra tips (one attached to the earbud) and have a hook type silicone horn that latches onto your earlobe and coupled with a Water-resistant build it makes sure that during workout or wet environment you can wear it out with confidence. A touch button is provided on the both the earbuds that have a variety of touch functions including the exclusive triple tap to activate Gaming Mode.

Each earbud has 2 noise cancellation microphones, one is for environmental noise and the other is for the voice detection so that we can use it even in the noisiest surroundings.

The earbuds boast a 50mAh battery on either of the buds and a 300mAh on the charging case. A standby time of 50Hr and total playback time of 4-5Hr on a fully charged earbud and 30Hr total with the charging case. The charging of the case can be done with a USB C charger.

On our testing the earphones for a full week we found that it was true to its promises of battery backup. The sound was pretty good for listening to music and videos with a bit more emphasis on the bass to give that thumping vibration effect thanks to the 13mm drivers. However, don’t be carried away with the high bass note that I made earlier, if we activate the gaming mode the sound becomes pretty modulated and the bass is reduced significantly to boost the treble for clear footsteps and surroundings. They advertise 100ms latency in gaming mode but in real life its near about ~90-95ms thanks to the custom chip used by Ant Esports in their TWS. The water resistance promise was also tested with an intense 1hr cardio session in my Gym and there after followed by a wash with water and the earphones passed that test.

Box Contents of the TWS Earphones


From my brief time with the Ant Esports INFINITY TWS I can gladly say that the TWS ticks all the boxes. I always wanted a TWS that can provide good bass, low latency and solid fit in ear coupled with a decent price and I can gladly say that Ant Esports passed all those requirements with flying colours. I will rate it a 9/10 for sound 10/10 for fit and what I would have like better is a better magnetic hinge on the charging case.