AMD Renoir-X Ryzen 4000 CPUs Specs Surfaced: 8 Core Ryzen 7 4700, 6 Core Ryzen 5 4600, 4 Core Ryzen 3 4300 Leaked

By Rounak Roy

January 14th, 2022 , 1:00 PM IST

Ryzen 4000 Renoir-X CPUs to tackle Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake non-K Lineup

To tackle Intel's Alder Lake CPU, AMD is bumping up its arsenal with the brand new AMD Renoir-X lineup which will be part of the Ryzen 4000 series desktop family of CPU's. The CPUs are powered by Zen 2 architecture based on TSMC 7nm and were rumored a while back but it looks like more information has been reported by Enthusiast Citizen over at the Bilibili social network.

The Renoir X Desktop CPUs will feature the same specifications as the existing Ryzen 4000G APUs but there's one key change and that's the lack of the integrated RX GPU. It is said that Renoir-X Desktop CPUs will not feature any integrated graphics which means they will be called a proper CPU instead of APU. 

Renoir X Leaked by Enthusiastic Citizen @ Bilibili network

As per the details, the AMD Renoir-X 'Ryzen 4000' CPUs will be compatible with entry-level boards like the A320 which means that new AGESA updates will be pushed out at some point . This will be perfect to make users stick with their current AM4 platforms until the AM5 platform becomes more mainstream and DDR5 prices comes down. This is a perfect oppurtunity to upgrade your old CPU's. 

According to Enthusiastic Citizen over at Bilibili Network AMD will launch three Renoir-X CPUs which include the
Ryzen 7 4700 with 8 cores, 16 threads, 4 MB L2 cache, 3.6 GHz base, & 4.4 GHz boost clock,
Ryzen 5 4600 with 6 cores, 12 threads, 3 MB L2 cache, 3.6 GHz base & 4.1 GHz boost clock
Ryzen 3 4300 with 4 cores, 12 threads, 2 MB L2 cache, 3.8 GHz base & 4.0 GHz boost clock.
The first two SKUs will supposedly feature 8 MB L3 cache while the Ryzen 3 chip is said to feature 4 MB of L3 cache.

The Renoir X will have the same layout as Renoir APU's minus the iGPU.