Twitter to Remove Blue Verification Badge From Non-Paying Verified Accounts Today

By Rounak Roy

April 20th, 2023 11:00AM IST

Twitter is removing Blue Verification Badges from 'Legacy' accounts, you must pay a fee going forward

Before Elon Musk became CEO of Twitter, the platform offered a Blue verification badge (Blue Tick in simple language) for accounts that were "special" or proved to be authentic . The badge was reserved for notable organizations, celebrities, government officials, and other famous personalities. Under Elon Musk, the verification badge was made available for anyone who offered to pay a small fee. It was previously reported that twitter would remove the blue badge from all non-paying accounts that were originally verified. Twitter now reminds the old users that the blue badges will be removed on April 20.

Originally, the blue badge was earned as users were required to fulfill certain requirements. Now, almost anyone can gain access to the checkmark as long as they are happily paying a small subscription fee. With the blue badge gone for 'legacy' accounts, the verification would lose its purpose. Since anyone can pay for a subscription, the authenticity of accounts would be put into question.

There will be no way to tell if the information being shared on the platform is real or fake as it does not relate to the credibility of the blue badge that had to be earned. The company could introduce new features to fix the issue but for now, the focus is gaining new subscribers. If you have subscribed to the Twitter Blue service, the company offers some unique features that free accounts do not have access to. For instance by paying you can write longer tweets with a new 10,000-character limit that turns to the point information pieces into essays.

Twitter is taking more of a business approach than being focused on a news-centric platform. The company is going through changes under Elon Musk and we will keep you guys updated on the latest. You can also check out which accounts are actually verified and which have paid for a subscribed to the service using nothing but this trick.