How to Delete hiberfil.sys on all Windows versions above Windows Vista ?

By Rounak Roy

September 4th, 2023 5:00PM IST

If you really don't need the Hibernate option, you can delete it by entering a command in Command Prompt. For this command, you must open Command Prompt as an administrator, also known as an Elevated Command Prompt. We will use the Run Method today:

The above method works for Windows versions 7/8/10/11. For Windows XP and Vista follow the below steps:

Why turn off Hibernation and Delete hiberfil.sys?

Windows stores the RAM data on the hard disk when your machine enters hibernate mode. This enables it to reboot to the previous known state while saving the system state without using any power. This uses a significant amount of drive space as RAM is a volatile memory and loses all data once it loses power. Hibernate will be totally disabled when hiberfil.sys is removed from your computer, freeing up this space.