Flagship AMD Ryzen 5950X spotted on an entry level A320 motherboard

By Rounak Roy

January 9th, 2022  6:20PM IST

TechEpiphany on twitter just shared some interesting news. He has managed to run a 5950x on a entry level a320 motherboard without any hiccups. This came after some manufacturers recenly pushed bios updates to some motherboards to support 5000 series. 

Amd claimed that older motherboards wont support newer CPU's because of compatibility issues but seeing TechEpiphany's video we really need to think about that statement twice.

Although as per me running a 5950x on a 60$ board seems a tad bit ridiculous but we need to see the entire video by TechEpiphany to see the message he has for AMD regarding their statement on compatibility issue.